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Animated Stories From The New Testament. Two wealthy men respond to Jesus in very different ways. One, who is basically good, is unable to accept Jesus’ directive that he give up the treasures of this world for the greater treasures of Heaven. The other, a sinful Publican, struggles to come to grips with his emerging faith in Jesus, and finally accepts with his fellow man and achieving eternal salvation. treasures in heaven Released: 1991 Genre: Animation Director: Richard Rich Starring: Jared Davis, Vicki Eccel, Jonathan Best Rated: G   Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

Animated Stories From the New Testament is a great series and this one, “Treasures In Heaven” is full of great teachings of Jesus Christ. This will teach your children of the treasures that await them if they are worth sons and daughters of God. With the right teaching, you are going to help them understand what they should be doing in order to fulfill that promise made a while ago. This video is a great tool for those who are trying to develop their testimony of Jesus and the church. With this video, you are going to also learn something that will bring you closer to your Father in Heaven. You are going to be able to have a better understanding on what you should be doing to help your children achieve the highest degree of glory. This is a great video that teaches everyone who watches it.

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