A remarkable story of hope, compassion, repentance, and love. He had made a serious mistake that deeply grieved his father and angered his older brother. Then, finally, he changed. After months in a rehabilitation center, his return home was a thrill to everyone–except his brother. Burdened by pride and resentment, the older brother disbelieved his younger brother’s change of heart. This pride and resentment threatened to destroy any hope for peace in the reunited family. The Prodigal Son, a modern-day drama, shows how our improper choices affect us. It also depicts the positive results of humbly accepting our Savior and his teachings. (IMDB) 2071132_detail Released: 1990 Genre: Drama/Short Director: Unknown Stars: Unkown Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

 Our Review:

Just like the description says, it is a remarkable classic that almost every LDS member has seen in Seminary a time or two. This is a great story that everyone should watch as it teaches compassion. That is something we all have to learn at times. It is great to see a movie like this. Although the film is short, it sticks to the point and delievers the message clearly. Many members of the church love this film for its simplicity. Many have seen this and it stands as a great teaching tool to young LDS children. It is often hard to discuss the topic, but it simply goes that once you have repented, you can live. This is why there is The Miracle of Forgiveness . It is a great thing to know that you can be forgiven. This film allows for us to feel the spirit and go with the knowledge that this is not the end.

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