Whilst getting themselves into some manner of trouble in the marketplace of Jerusalem, the three protagonists learn about the arrival of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. They know that the time of Jesus’ birth will be soon. King Herod, meanwhile, is suspicious over the notion of a new king arriving. When the Magi arrive at Herod’s palace, he tries to trick them into giving away the location of the baby Jesus. The plan fails when the Magi decide not to return to Herod. The time travelers follow Mary and Joseph from a distance on their way to Bethlehem. They do not get directly involved in the manger scene until all the potential threats to Jesus have left. the greatest adventure the nativity Released: 1987 Genre: Animation Director: Don Lusk, Ray Patterson Starring: Gregory Harrison, Helen Hunt, Vincent Price Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

Part of the Greatest Adventure series, this movie is perfect for your child if they are ever wondering about the Nativity. There are many funny things in the video to adapt to children. Although adults are not going to like this so much, little children are going to love to watch the characters interact with everything around them. The movie is not the best quality, but you are going to be happy that you managed to get the desire to get up and watch this movie. As stated earlier, it is good for the kids to be able to watch this and learn about Mary and Joseph and how their journey was hard.

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