Animated Stories From The New Testament. Jesus uses a series of short stories, parables, to help us learn about the Kingdom of Heaven and about how to live each day. Eternal life, faith, judgment, obedience and preparedness are the principles explored in this video. The Kingdom of Heaven begins with Jesus in the clouds and angels in the background. There are people from different times and different races looking into the clouds and seeing Jesus. the kingdom of heaven Released: 1991 Genre: Animation Director: Richard Rich Starring: Ivan Crosland, John Nicolaysen, Linda Bishop Rated: G   Amazon-Buy-Now-Button

Our Review:

Animated Stories From The New Testament is a great series and this one is “The Kingdom of Heaven”. This movie is great for when teaching your children about the blessings in knowing the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is going to teach them that they are learning every day on how they are supposed to behave as a child of God. This is perfect for a Family Home Evening movie and is great to share with all your family. The story of Jesus is a complex one and with the help of an animated movie, your children are going to be able to learn more about their Savior and know how they are going to be able to get closer to Him. This movie teaches them about the rights and wrongs about the world and what they should do.

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