Mormon-education3Seminary is what almost every LDS member gets to go through when going through school. In the years that you have Seminary, you get to hear some very spiritual music, watch some very spiritual (sometimes cheesy) videos and most importantly, feel the spirit. Here is a collection of the Old Testament, The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants soundtracks that will have you remembering all the good times you had in Seminary. In all the years of Seminary, you tend to forget all the spiritual songs with the important messages. It is good to simply relax and enjoy the music from the scriptures. This is a good reminder of the time you had. Amazon-Buy-Now-Button

Old Testament Soundtrack

1. I’ve Got to Find Out Who I Am—Liz Draper 2. Marriage for Eternity—Wolfe, Felicia Sorensen; McCausland, Joel 3. Our Father’s Plan—John Canaan 4. I’ll Trust in the Lord—Felicia Sorensen Wolfe 5. Today—Liz Draper 6. To Bring Them to Thee—Amy Trent 7. Walk His Way—Joel McCausland 8. The Way to Eternal Life 9. Marriage for Eternity (accompaniment) 10. Our Father’s Plan (accompaniment) 11. I’ll Trust in the Lord (accompaniment) 12. Today (accompaniment) 13. To Bring Them to Thee (accompaniment) 14. Walk His Way (accompaniment)                                                                   

New Testament

Book Of Mormon Soundtrack

1. For Our Day—Felicia Sorensen Wolfe 2. My Soul Hungered—David Brooks 3. Emily—Carolyn Croft 4. Firm in the Faith—David Brooks 5. The Olive Tree—Felicia Sorensen Wolfe 6. One by One—Choir 7. Theme from “For Our Day” 8. “Act for Themselves” Suite 9. Themes from “I Will Prepare the Way” 10. Theme from “Firm in the Faith of Christ” 11. Theme 1 from “Stand As Witnesses” 12. Themes from “The Olive Tree Allegory” 13. Theme from “Spiritual Crocodiles” 14. Theme 2 from “Stand as Witnesses” 15. Justice and Mercy underscore from “The Mediator” 16. Themes from “God Has Delivered Me” 17. Theme and underscore from “Becoming Children of Christ” 18. Theme 3 from “Stand As Witnesses” 19. My Joy Is Full—Salt Lake Children’s Choir 20. For Our Day (accompaniment) 21. My Soul Hungered (accompaniment) 22. The Olive Tree (accompaniment)

Doctrine & Covenants Soundtrack

1. I Will Seek the Lord—Felicia Sorensen Wolfe 2. Goin’ Home—Kenneth Cope 3. Strength Beyond My Own—Tammy Simister Robinson 4. Drop by Drop—Frogley, Jenny; Williams, Ron 5. I Will Forgive—Kenneth Cope 6. Zion’s Camp—Choir 7. Endowed with Power 8. Families 9. Overview of Church History 10. Power of Heaven 11. Theme from “Joseph Smith—Prophet of the Restoration” 12. The Heart and a Willing Mind 13. Light and Truth 14. Be Not Troubled 15. The Great Apostasy 16. I Will Seek the Lord (accompaniment) 17. Strength Beyond My Own (accompaniment) 18. Goin’ Home (accompaniment) 19. Drop by Drop (accompaniment) 20. I Will Forgive (accompaniment)

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