A story of a returned missionary who is struggling to keep up with the type of life he had when he was a missionary. When he thinks back on his time as a missionary, he realizes that it truly was his best two years of his life. Released: 2002 Genre: Drama Director: Sebastian Frank Nye Stars: David Boud, Isaac Biekmore, Susan Frost Rated: NR

Our Review:

Although this is a pretty cheesy video that a LDS member made about him returning off his mission, it has a great message. The short film touches on an important part facing the LDS church today. There are parts of bad acting, but overall, they did a great job with the budget they seemed to have and the script wasn’t that bad. It brings you back to the times when you were a return missionary and even though it isn’t as funny as The RM, it is still good to watch. This is perfect to share with someone who has just returned from their mission to give them an insight that they are not the only ones out there that have struggled to keep the momentum of the mission. It was great how they flashbacked when he was a missionary to give you a little bit of how he was towards the end of his mission. It is hard to be a missionary and people who see this can see that this is what the director wanted to portray. Perfect Sunday movie for you and your family to watch.

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