An ordinary LDS family has a teenager named Jimmy and he wonders about life and what is coming. Jimmy’s sister Julie has a boyfriend on a mission who she plans to marry when he gets home. Jimmy’s twin sister Pam is handicapped and is confined to a wheelchair and wants to make things good for Jimmy. Jimmy doesn’t seem to care about his large family and wants to do his own things. When Jimmy hears his mother is going to have another child, Jimmy is filled with anger and leaves. His family wants Jimmy to return and love him, but Jimmy does not want their love. (IMDB) SaturdaysWarrior Released: 1989 Genre: Drama/Musical Director: Bob Williams Stars: Erik Hickenlooper, Cori Jacobsen, Davison Cheney Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

If you can get past all the cheesy songs that they sing, this is a really good movie with a powerful message. The acting is not good at all, but you feel some self worth in knowing that you are a child of God and the film attempts to entertain at the same time of trying to make you feel the spirit. This is one of the classics of films made by an LDS director/writer. There are many points in the movie where you will laugh and there are some even where you are going to get a little teary-eyed. The film is not meant to win any Oscars. You have to admit that because of its age, it is going to seem a little bit corny. The cinematography chosen is more like they are performing a play. It is really fun to watch the special effects for its time. Every LDS member has to at least see this once and be able to say that they have seen it. It is at times torture to watch, but you have to remember that you are watching it for its message.

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