Greg and Kellie found the magic early, but their plans didn’t work out exactly as they wanted. Romance, personal dreams and moral challenges tugged on the couple’s future. Can they find the courage to do what’s right?┬áBased on the book, “Greg & Kellie” by Douglas & Donlu Thayer. only_once_lg Released: 1998 Genre: Drama Director: Rocco DeVilliers Starring: Austin O’Brien, Britt Leary, David Jensen Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

This is the movie that every teenager should be watching. Although there is debate whether this is a Christian film or an LDS film, the rules still stand true. The music score is from Michael W. Smith and that means that the Christians can claims this. Even the movie was a bit short, it was entertaining from start to finish. There are many things which are great about this film. There are many good actors in this and there are several actors who do a great job besides the main cast. The main story is the important part of the message. The teachings to young teens who are thinking of being active with boys or girls are strong and the message is simple enough where they are going to understand it. Even though it is an older movie, the acting is not so cheesy and you are going to find yourself really enjoying the movie. The directing was really good because you can see where they made the movie better. Of course like all things, it can’t be perfect, but there are a lot of things which you are going to have to make sure that your teen is going to understand.

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