Not unlike his lectures, but far from a scholarly expose on DVD, this beautifully photographed series touches on the heart and soul of the prophet, with insights that elude the casual observer. Approachable but intensely interesting for both casual observers and serious students, On Sacred Ground DVDs will become classics in your home. As you walk with Truman Madsen you will find your way to the side and even the heart of Joseph. You will know that you are standing with him on sacred ground. 5047964_On_Sacred_Ground_detail Released: 2006 Genre: Documentary Director: Truman Madsen Stars: Truman Madsen Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

This is Part 2 of the colleciton of On Sacred Ground: Reflections of Joseph Smith. This series is uplifting, informative and great to own in your home. Truman Madsen takes you on a journey as you get to know what type of man Joseph Smith was. From the Book of Mormon and to the Restoration, you are going to see the important people who helped shape what the religion is today. This is a great movie to watch if you are a fan of documentaries of the church. This is perfect to share with those who are not of the faith of the LDS church and also is a great movie to share during family home evening. This is one of those documentaries that you cannot stop watching. Normally, many felt that going into the movie, it was going to be like so many documentaries and only stick to the opinions. However, Madsen manages to stick to the facts and show you more of what it was like to be Joseph Smith. This video is about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel. This film will touch your soul and invite the spirit into your home. Here is the best video you can show to your family because it gets into the times of the Book of Mormon and how everything fell into place. It is interesting how Truman Madsen is able to captivate our interest for the hour, but he does a great job with the delivery of the information.

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