The trio find themselves assisting Noah (voiced by Lorne Greene) and his family in the building of the Ark. They manage to join the crew for the long stay aboard the Ark, helping tend to the animals and keep things in order. They hop aboard the Ark right before the rains come to drown the evil army that is threatening to burn down the vessel. (WIKI) the greatest adventure noahs ark Released: 1986 Genre: Animation Director: Ray Patterson Starring: Lorne Greene, Charlotte Rae, Darleen Carr Rated: NR   Amazon-Buy-Now-Button

Our Review:

From the Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible collection, this movie was great for the kids. It didn’t seem like a good one going into it for them, but they really liked it. For the adults, it is not so great. The message is clear and to the point which is something you like to see in children’s bible stories. With the many things regarding whether this is really LDS or not, it is a nice tale of Noah and the Ark. The children will love this and it is going to entertain them as well as teach them about who Noah was and why he is so important. The examples put into the short movie are great and they help teach the fundamentals of the flood.

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