Join Benjamin, the widow’s son brought back to life by Jesus, as he walks the roads Christ Himself walked, recalling the miracles witnessed by the people there, such as the wedding at Cana, the healing of the centurion’s servant, stilling the tempest, feeding the multitude and walking upon the water. miracles of jesus Released: 1991 Genre: Animated Director:┬áDon Lusk, Ray Patterson Starring: David Ackroyd, Harold Gould, Rene Auberjonois Rated: NR   Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

From the Greatest Adventure series, we were kind of weary watching a religious movie from Hanna Barbara, the same who made Scooby Doo and other animated movies, but we were impressed. This is a great movie with a lot of learning moments for your children. There are many messages in the movie and will allow your child to get into the learning as well. This is a great film because you are going to enjoy watching your children laugh and learn. It is great to see a movie that is entertaining for children without teaching them false doctrine. Whereas this is not LDS, but more Christian, it is still really good to learn of Jesus. Your children are going to learn a lot about Jesus as well as enjoy a nice journey with the children in the movie.

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