LDS scholars from BYU and FARMS come together in this movie and share how the Dead Sea Scrolls give more understanding to theĀ beliefs of Jews, early Christians, and Latter-Day Saints. Together, they discuss the similarities to what the LDS faith believes. lds perspectives on the dead sea scrolls Released: 1999 Genre: Documentary Director: Curtis Briggs, Jane Wilson Starring: Benjamin Hope, Javin Tanner, Shane Seggar Rated: NR     Amazon-Buy-Now-Button

Our Review:

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a key instrument to finding out what happened in the days before Christ and the perspectives discussed in the video are perfect. You are going to want to watch this from start to finish as you learn about the different facts of what the LDS church believe. This is one of the best documentaries made by BYU and it teaches so much on the subject many people are unfamiliar with. Looking at the scholars, you can really appreciate what they have to say and what they teach you. The beliefs are strong and the testimonies are even stronger. You are going to feel the spirit as you listen to these scholars discuss what the perspective is and what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints have to say about it.

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