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Portraying the last hours of the Savior Jesus Christ, “The Lamb of God” is a short video that the church put into production to teach people of the life, death and resurrection of the Savior of all mankind. In the dramatic short, there are many messages that teach about the Savior’s life.  402535860003 Released: 1992 Genre: Drama/Short Director: Russell Holt Stars: Mark Deakins, Michael Flynn, Paul Mugerian Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

What hasn’t been said about this classic film. With amazing cinematography for its time, this film is perfect for showing to friends who are interested in learning more about Christ and allowing them to become closer to Him. The film is perfect from the cinematography to the acting.  There are even parts where you feel you are in the movie with the Savior. The film stands as a classic and will forever be one of our favorites. This showed the life and resurrection of the Savior in such an emotional way and strait to the point. Similar to “To This End Was I Born”, the “Lamb of God” is pretty much the same. As the church progresses, so do the movies of course. There are many parts in it where you are going to yell at the screen because you get emotionally vested into the movie. Unfortunately it is only 30 minutes long and you feel a little disappointed that they didn’t go into the life of Jesus more. However, the film is great the way it is because it tells the details that are the most important.

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