jericho-road-2Since 2001, these former college roommates have stayed true to their commitment to make great music with a positive message. Jericho Road continues to be one of the most sought-after groups in contemporary Christian music, performing at universities, community events, youth conferences, interfaith rallies, corporate shows, and sporting events all around the world. Why can they appeal to so many different people? Because they sing about things that matter. They aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe – faith, family and service. JR tours throughout the US and overseas (including past tours in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and South America). Last year, they reached over 15,000 people throughout the US. Their fans love how they perform a wide range of music — from their popular “boy band” medley to the songs of praise and worship featured on the group’s sixth and latest album, “Day of Rest” (September 2010). “That’s why we sing,” Abe said. “We love to have fun and entertain, but more than that people need to be reminded that there is more to life than just getting by. There’s more to life than money or status. We want our music to remind them of what matters most.” In 2013, the group will perform throughout the country, including Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Utah and Idaho. Find out where by checking out their calendar. (Jericho Road Website)


Jericho Road (2001)

1. Inside of Me 2. There Is No End 3. Why Do You Love Me 4. Time 5. If That’s What It Takes 6. Every Single Tear 7. What About His Love 8. About My Father’s Business 9. Count on Me 10. For the Love of a Woman

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