Viewing: LDS Movies

Harold B. Lee

Praise To The Man

In This Holy Place (1968)

Are You Listening?

For Time Or Eternity?

How Near To The Angels

Nora’s Christmas Gift

Morality For Youth

Cipher In The Snow

Meet The Mormons

History of the Mormons In Nauvoo

Ammon And The King

The Pride Cycle

The Whole Armor Of God

The First Vison (1976)

Firm In The Faith Of Christ

Mormon Messages (2012)

LDS Commercials (1980’s)

On Sacred Ground: The Kirkland Temple

On Sacred Ground: Gathering and Revelation In Kirtland

A Legacy More Precious Than Gold

LDS Perspectives On The Dead Sea Scrolls

BYU Classics

Mormon Messages (2011)

Mormon Messages (2010)

Mormon Messages (2009)

Special Witness

Treasure In Heaven: The John Tanner Story

The Eternal Christ: Man Of Galilee

The Eternal Christ: A Savior Is Born

On The Lord’s Errand

Only A Stonecutter

Of Heaven And Home (1963)

The Award (1979)

Our Heavenly Father’s Plan

What Is Real

The Last Leaf

The Mailbox

Easter Dream

Man’s Search For Happiness

Called To Serve (1991)

To This End Was I Born

The Life Of Jesus Christ

Zion’s Camp

The Windows Of Heaven (1963)

The Phone Call (1977)

Mr. Krueger’s Christmas

Lamb Of God

On The Way Home

Together Forever (1987)

Labor Of Love (1990)

2 reviews

The Prodigal Son (1990)

The Mouths Of Babes

Johnny Lingo (1969)

Special Witnesses Of Christ

The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd

one review


The Restoration Of The Priesthood (1982)

one review

Mountain Of The Lord

Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration

On Sacred Ground: The Book of Mormon and the Restoration Begins

Sacred Stone: Temple On The Mississippi

Modern Day Prophets: Harold B. Lee

An Ensign To The Nations

How Rare A Possession

Journey Of Faith: The New World

Journey Of Faith

Emma Smith: My Story

2 reviews

Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration

Finding Faith In Christ