The story of the Mormon Battalion is closely connected with the history of California. In 1846, the 496 men of the battalion journeyed west to fight in the war with Mexico; instead, they became a significant force in the exploration, settlement, and prosperity of California and the western United States. a legacy more precious than gold Released: 1998 Genre: Short Director: Gary Cook Starring: Robert Jolley Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button  

Our Review:

This is a powerful movie about determination, faith, and survival. The video is shockingly interesting and you are going to fall in love with the story. The acting is superb and you are going to find yourself learning a lot about the different things that the pioneers had to go through. There are many films about the pioneers and the struggles they had to go through, but this film touches on the key aspects of when the federal agents in 1846 came up upon the Mormons and demanded things from them. Despite having families of their own, the Mormon Battalion went even though they have been persecuted from the government and the people around them. That shows that they had determination and knew that they were fighting for a stronger cause. The video does a great job looking into the lives of the men who gave up their lives to fight for a cause many would have seen as something they could have avoided. The story is very touching and you are going to want to get your tissues out for this one. No matter what they felt in their minds based on the treatment they have received, they knew that they were going to go and fight for freedom. The story is powerful and will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch and learn more about the individual struggles the men, women and children had to go through in a time where it was hard to survive. In the longest infantry march in the United States history, the men showed that they had what it took to get the right blessings from God. This is a great movie to share with your family during Family Home Evening. It is good to also share with those interested in learning about the pioneers. Overall, despite the movie being too short, you are going to love the story and the acting. You are going to feel the spirit in your home and want to watch this every time you are looking for some comfort over your struggles. The pioneers made it through hard times, you are going to be able to get through it too. 5outof5 stars  

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