This playlist is not the full movie, but for the most part it is. We will work on getting the full movie again soon.


A Field So White promotes sharing, caring and loving activities. It is a pioneering event in Christian entertainment and will become your favorite video to be played and re-played over and over again. a field so whiteReleased: 1985 Genre: Musical Director: Ben Lokey Starring: Clark Frogley, Frank Sledge, Thuy Kim Vo Rated: NR Amazon-Buy-Now-Button

Our Review:

Wow…just wow. We found this lying around in the internet and have decided that we just HAD to post this. This is one of those films that was released that makes you laugh. The 80’s was a fun time for the LDS church and the musicals were a plenty. With Saturday’s Warrior and My Turn on Earth out there, this had to join the mix. This is a good movie if you like the classic LDS music. You are going to smile at the cheesiness of the video of course and that is the fun of it. The message is clear and it is good to look back on the past to see how church videos have changed. This is fun to share with family to be uplifted by the words of the songs.

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